If you have been looking for a high quality successful bear hunt you need not look any further. Here at Loon Lodge we offer the best bear hunts in the business, we make every effort to make your hunt both SUCCESSFUL and ENJOYABLE. Our business is to get you your chance at a bear, because when it comes right down to it, YOU are our best advertisement.


If you are one of the lucky ones who drew a moose permit for zone 4, or if you are just hoping to and doing your research ahead of time, Loon Lodge is your best bet for a successful Moose hunt. Loon Lodge is located in Zone 4, the most remote zone in Maine for moose hunts and nobody knows this area better than us. Our lodge is the only lodge that is located in the center of this remote zone.


Deer Hunts in Northern Maine means BIG BUCKS! Hunters don’t come to the Allagash to shoot a deer, they come to hunt a trophy. Many once in a lifetime bucks have been taken here at Loon Lodge. The Allagash consistently produces some of the east coasts biggest bucks, both in body and rack. Because of the vast forests and lack of hunting pressure our Maine bucks grow to enormous sizes. Granted, Northern Maine does not have the numbers of deer that you find in other areas of the country, but because of the harsh winters, and predators, we have a genetically larger and better quality deer. Bucks that dress out over 200 lbs. are taken at our camps every season and there are a few out there that will make 300 lbs. dressed!


Maine has always been known as an Upland Bird hotspot. Here at Loon Lodge is no exception, with ideal cover and lack of hunting pressure our hunters usually end up limited out at the end of the day. Maine is also a great place to train that new pup, our birds lack the fear of birds further south and hold better for the pup in training. Many miles of tote roads grown in with alders provide great habitat for our woodcock population and the many beech ridges in the region make for great grouse habitat. A lot of our older clear cuts are approaching the 10-15 year old age group and many thrive with poplar trees, a favorite of upland birds. All this adds up to great upland bird hunting, and as an added feature, we have one of the heaviest populations of snowshoes in the state.