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Deer Hunts

Deer Hunts in Northern Maine means BIG BUCKS! Hunters don’t come to the Allagash to shoot a deer, they come to hunt a trophy. Many once in a lifetime bucks have been taken here at Loon Lodge. The Allagash consistantly produces some of the east coasts biggest bucks, both in body and rack. Because of the vast forests and lack of hunting pressure our Maine bucks grow to enormous sizes. Granted, Northern Maine does not have the numbers of deer that you find in other areas of the country, but because of the harsh winters, and predators, we have a genetically larger and better quality deer. Bucks that dress out over 200 lbs. are taken at our camps every season and there are a few out there that will make 300 lbs. dressed!

Maine Deer Hunts are not for everyone, though. If you need to see a lot of deer, then another location may be better suited for you. But, if you are up to the challenge, and want to hunt an animal with everything in his favor, and you have to use all your hunting skills to be successful. Then we have the hunt for you. Tired of sitting on a stand waiting for someone to push an average buck past you? How would you like to get on a big bucks track and follow it though his world until that moment of truth comes and you have caught up to your quarry. Or sit deep in the woods on a scrape run of a large buck and rattle him in. Then feel your heart pound as he approaches knowing that you have fooled him and soon he will be yours. Or if you are not as active as you used to be and would like to sit on a good deer trail and wait for your buck to wander by, you can lay out a scent trail, a mock scrape and hope to fool his keen senses.


The nice thing about hunting in the Allagash is all of these methods work if you’re in the right place at the right time. In this remote region of Northern Maine the deer never even know that they are being hunted. All this, plus the fact that there are thousands of acres of unposted land right outside the door of your cabin make for a very rewarding and challenging whitetail hunt. If you are up to the challenge of hunting an Allagash Whitetail give us a call.

All of our deer hunts are five days. You will arrive on Sunday around noon and leave the following Saturday morning, hunting Monday through Friday. These packages include lodging and all your meals for the stay. Breakfast is served before daylight in the morning, you are given a bagged lunch to take along with you in the woods, and then sit down to a big hearty supper in the evening.

Deer Hunting Rates:

Semi-Guided Deer Hunts:
Housekeeping Plan – $300/week/hunter
Semi-American Plan – $445/week/hunter
American Plan – $525/week/hunter

Guide Rates for Deer Season – $200/day/hunter (minimum three days)

These rates do not include state sales tax of 9% or hunting license.

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